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SUHO for BWCW Pop-up Storecr: exo_glee

[13O819] TRANS: SJ Kiss the Radio:

He said that throughout middle, high school, and university, girls that he had interest in always already in a relationship. That’s why he didn’t date a lot/didn’t date at all.

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[130819] Preview: SUHO @ Sukira

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[13O819] TRANS @ Sukira:

Suho doesn’t usually lend people his bike and he was hesitant, but he let Sehun borrow it. Suho fell asleep and Sehun came into tell him, “sorry hyung. i fell but i didn’t damage the bike.” suho said that at the time, he was more worried about his bike than sehun.

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SUHO 2nd Teaser photo for GROWL via: exofficial

SUHO: “We just came down from our last stage of ‘WOLF’. We’re recording this voice mail because we want to express our gratitude towards our fans who have supported us throughout this promotion. We were able to come first place thanks to your supports, and were honored the opportunity to participate in the closing ceremony of 2013 Summer Universiade. Thank you once again. We will come back as soon as possible.”


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